Keenan Mercedes located at Rt. 313 and Rt. 611, Doylestown, Pa opened for business June 2005. This building is a unique one of a kind dealership.

The electrical service for this building consisted of a 1200 amp 3 phase 277/480 volt service. This electrical service has fourteen panels and five step down transformers. All service equipment manufactured by GE. Having two electric rooms, one located on the second floor in the front of the building and the main electric room located in the back of the building by the service bays.


One of the main objectives on the lighting for this building was to make it as energy efficient as possible. Landis & James Electric, Inc. used 320 watt pulse start metal halide low bay fixture, manufactured by Hubbell Lighting, to light all twenty-four service bays and the entire detail shop. In the parts room, which consists of two floors, we used 8’ and 4’ channel lights with T8 lamps and electronic ballast manufactured by Simkar. In the service waiting area we used 26 watt compact florescent recessed lights, manufactured by Zumtobel, along with the antique fixtures. In the service offices and the sales offices we used a indirect lighting 2x4 lay-in light with 2 – T5 lamps, manufacture by Zumtobel. The indoor showroom we used 39 watt color corrected adjustable recessed lights manufactured by Edison-Price to help make the cars sparkle when parked under them. The second floor show room area, which is open to the first floor, was accented by installing thirty-eight 50 watt MR16 low voltage recessed adjustable lights, manufactured by Lucifer Lighting, in precise locations so that the front of all the cars parked there would have the face of the cars lit at night when the dealership was closed. These are the lights that were chosen to be left on so when customers would look in their attention would be drawn to these cars.

The outdoor showroom would be lit with 100 watt and 200 watt metal halide recessed lights with diffuser to give an even spread of light. These lights were manufactured by Kirlin Lighting. The large columns on the front of the building were up lit using well lights with color corrected bulbs, giving this building a very impressive look. These well lights are strong enough to with stand cars driving over them. The parking lot was lit by using two different styles of pole lights. The first style is an old Philadelphia gas lantern and pole which has been converted to electric using a 150 watt metal halide bulb. These were use along the front of the building and building side of the parking lot so that it would not cast to much light onto the building taking away from the look of the building while still giving adequate light for customers and security. The second type of light that was used was a 250 watt metal halide architectul round light with a 16’ pole all made of aluminum, manufactured by AAL. Aluminum poles were chosen for the low maintenance from having to repaint and worry about rusting. Return to Main Page.

Overall there are approximately 900+ light fixtures inside and out for this almost 70,000 square foot building and all these fixtures are of the highest quality.

If you are in the area please stop in to see this one of a kind dealership and you will be impressed by the electrical and all the other fine craftsmanship that has been put into this building.


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